Mediabase SSP

Mediabase SSP TM maximizes your media organization’s revenue opportunities with a platform that accelerates the speed of business by transforming your manual sales processes into automated real time workflows.


An Overview:

Today’s media sales processes are bogged down by multiple non-integrated systems, ineffective pricing models and manually driven, traffic-centric business cycles – all creating process friction and all working to different business timeframes.

As media organizations expand into new sales channels, additional non-integrated sales processes are added to the mix.

Together, these conditions result in a fragmented sales approach, one that is focused on selling advertising on each individual medium separately. Advertisers and agencies can’t value or buy and execute cross-platform campaigns as they need to.

Mediabase SSPTM enables your media enterprise to work across all of your sales platforms, to transform manual sales processes into real time workflows that accelerate revenue opportunities and that work at the speed of the buyer.

A Different Approach

To truly maximize advertising revenues, media organizations must respond to buyer requirements by presenting their audiences to buyers with optimum value, with minimal sales friction, and in real time.

Today’s systems simply cannot address these requirements.

To address this challenge with existing systems, Decentrix developed a sell side platform Mediabase SSPTM that works across all media sales systems and processes in real time.

It consolidates inventory, standardizes rates, packages audiences and exposes offers securely and selectively, all while operating at the speed of the buyer.

Decentrix’s patent-pending SSP platform with accurate real-time trading and pricing is an industry first. It supports cross-platform and real time trading, with realistic market pricing. It also fully supports targeted campaigns with a trading protocol that enables custom demographics for buyers.

Users of the Mediabase SSPTM Programmatic Trading Module can connect their existing order management systems and processes to the platform where pricing is driven by sales demand pressure.

Mediabase SSPTM enables media companies to preserve existing investments in people, processes and systems, while providing a clear path to real-time digital trading.


Mediabase SSPTM was designed specifically to address the fundamental requirements of current advertiser sales processes. Because it creates a ‘real-time trading layer’ over existing systems and processes, sellers can respond to buyers in real-time without changing their existing system infrastructure.

Mediabase SSPTM is made up of the following Modules surrounding its real-time database core, and can be installed in any valid combination to address specific client business requirements.

Mediabase SSPTM allows media sellers to respond to the way buyers want to purchase inventory. In real-time.

Mediabase SSPTM features:

The Performance Module fully integrates with performance measurement systems, both internal (e.g. OTT, STB, weblogs) and 3rd party (e.g. Nielsen, Rentrak)

The Real-time Inventory Module has full access to cross-platform inventory and pricing generating automatic valuations of audience demographics across all measurable mediums including an ability to derive proxy valuations from other client platforms.

The Pricing Module allows real time pricing of inventory driven by sales demand pressures including those coming from proposal systems.

The Management Module delivers full management oversight with pricing overrides and inventory holdbacks to drive demand.

The Remote Access Module delivers effective mobile access “from anywhere and anytime” to the trading platform to facilitate deal completion.

The Audience Delivery Module uses automatic workflows to drive the maximum utility of inventory across all dayparts based upon true audience delivery.

The Pacing Module delivers historical pacing calibration for all pricing and inventory projections.

The Programmatic Trading Module delivers efficient sales processes operating at the “speed of the buyer”.


Mediabase SSPTM applies real time functionality and flexibility to respond to specific client requirements for an automated sell-side platform with dynamic rate control, management oversight, mobile access, and integration with the sales process.

Mediabase SSPTM elevates sell-side sales processes to properly compete with the modern buy-side platforms.

Mediabase SSPTM is an extensible and customizable platform for growth. It is specifically designed to work with all media transactional systems.

As an extensible platform, you are in total control of your evolving enterprise sales requirements.

Decentrix technology and consulting services on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid platform, will re-write the rules of how your media business competes.

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