NetAnalytixTM is specifically designed to track and analyze website visitor behavior in real-time.


An Overview:

NetAnalytixTM is intended to address questions about site visitors. Making content more compelling, measurement is essential to understanding site visitor behavior and making their experience more powerful.

NetAnalytixTM is real-time analysis of not simply the visitors from PPC, Banner or Email campaigns but of all site visitors that arrive at the site (natural search visitors as well).

Features of NetAnalytixTM:

Summary Level Reports:

Designed for busy executives these reports give summary level snapshots of website performance and site visitor behavior.

Many of these reports are designed around the concept of sales funnels.

Campaign Analysis:

Gives the ability to track online marketing expenditures to determine which Ad Copy is cost effective and which is not and consequently needs to be scaled back.

This allows you to see your ROI by Advertising Copy in real time.

Visitor Behavior Reporting:

NetAnalytixTM gives you the ability to examine your website visitors' behavior.

In real time you can determine what entry pages have the highest conversion rates (signups, registrations, sales etc.).

You can determine what Ad Mediums (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.) result in higher quality visitors through their site behavior.

Data Warehouse Drill Down:

NetAnalytixTM reports give you the option to drill down into the data to give you specific visitor information.

See individual site visitors and visited pages.

See their history and how frequently they have returned.

See the IP address and the sites that they came from to arrive at your sites.

Fraud Analysis:

Sadly, fraud is prevalent on the web with paid placement.

As high as 30% in certain highly competitive global search terms.

A huge impact on marketing budgets.

NetAnalytixTM has a unique set of proprietary real time fraud reporting solutions to determine patterns of behavior that are consistent with fraud and report these to the appropriate SEs for action or reimbursement.

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