Mediabase Content

Mediabase Content TM enables your organization to model content acquisition costs, production investments and revenue streams, to produce a detailed return on investment (ROI) of your content library.


An Overview:

True program management is a daunting task due to the number of disparate transactional systems involved in tracking the data required.

Experienced media executives manually combine traffic revenue with program management cost information to get a picture of the profitability of current programs. Unfortunately, this does little to model possible purchase scenarios, nor does it track spot rates from sales systems, future rights and costs on proposed program purchases, or projected audiences from proposal systems.

Some analysts use spreadsheets to create rich models, but such ad-hoc approaches are limited. These manual processes are invariably developed by select departments isolating the information they contain. They typically do not consider all appropriate run scenarios, and/or repurposing efforts, and they require continual manual updates.

Furthermore, they do not adequately tie to future sales for accurate pricing and audience information nor do they explore lucrative subsequent resales opportunities.

Ultimately, creating reliable models to accurately reflect future profitability potential is limited by too many independent systems. As a result, the profitability snapshots reside in too many different formats across too many departments to be consolidated into a cohesive solution.

A Different Approach

The BIAnalytixTM platform approach is specifically designed to address such issues. This platform extracts, transforms, and loads data from multiple, disconnected transactional systems into a consolidated repository where the information is immediately available for enterprise-wide analysis.

Mediabase ContentTM is designed to extract the detailed content costs, contract and title information, revenue, and inventory from source transactional systems. This is done seamlessly without disrupting key business workflows. Mediabase Content transforms and normalizes data from these transactional systems constantly accumulating history for more detailed analysis


Mediabase Content contains an industry-specific analysis layer with all of the required relationships between content costs, revenue, and inventory to allow business analysts to quickly create intuitive visualizations.

To maintain the historical record, the BIAnalytix™ approach captures and maintains all production costs, prior negotiations, past schedules, former market offers, and previous deals for future reference and analysis.

The solution provides a suite of powerful modeling tools augmented with highly interactive, “what-if” scenario functionality to drive detailed revenue calculations. These enable the exploration of all past, present, and future repurposing and scheduling options

With the integration of audience performance metrics, Mediabase Content forms a single investment foundation that generates certified pricing models based on audience delivery.

Mediabase Content’s flexible syndication model tracks all syndicated deal history by individual target market. This provides purchase rates based on market valuations forming a strong financial basis for sound negotiation in future syndication deals.

As a result, schedule planners and senior executives have all of the information and the tools needed to make accurate decisions leading to the highest possible ROI and insights for any content investment.

Mediabase Content TM delivers actionable strategic insights to drive content profitability. Fast.

Mediabase Content features:

Content investment profiles

Rich profitability modeling

Repurposing insights

Release window ROIs

Marketplace content valuation


Mediabase Content is an extensible and customizable platform for growth. It is specifically designed to work with all related media data sources. This ensures your enterprise can quickly adapt to the constantly changing requirements of a modern media organization.

Mediabase Content empowers your business analysts so they can generate powerful and sophisticated insights for your business.

As an open platform, you are in total control of your evolving enterprise analysis requirements

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