CloudMBI RetransFx

CloudMBI RetransFx TM is the comprehensive interactive analytical toolset designed for broadcasters to manage program retransmission billing and payments.


An Overview:

NERA1 projects, that by 2019, retransmission fees will represent almost 25% of the total revenue earned by television stations. What’s more, this revenue goes directly to the station’s bottom line with minimal fixed cost impact.

Each month, Television stations generate program retransmission invoices to, and process payments from, MVPDs in accordance with their contracts.

Unfortunately, managing these transactions is only the beginning of the retransmission workflow. To serve normal station reporting requirements, the invoice and payment data is typically reformatted manually to meet different reporting needs.

More importantly, historical information is often not tracked, revenue forecasts must be created manually, if at all, and actual analysis capabilities are almost non-existent.

Finally, reverse program retransmission fees to the networks must be manually calculated based on increasingly complex station-network contracts containing payment calculation rules and rates, and cable system subscriber information.

RetransFxTM was specifically designed to address all program retransmission and reverse retransmission fee analysis as part of a single managed workflow.

A New Approach

RetransFxTM provides a full suite of interactive analyses that are ready to go. Because they are integrated with the workflow, as the data is generated each month, it is immediately available for analysis with detailed, interactive, easy to understand reports that are ready for distribution.

Uniquely, RetransFxTM calculates payment data for the reverse compensation to the networks. Calculations are based on station-network contracts combined with detailed subscriber and billing information. As soon as billing has been processed, accurate net-to-the-station revenue figures are available for current financial analysis and for long-term revenue planning and forecasting.

RetransFxTM provides a full suite of analytical tools identifying key program retransmission metrics supporting revenue tracking over time to identify critical changes in subscribers and payments. Ready access to detailed contractual commitments ensures that analysts can effectively track rate updates and prepare in advance for contract re-negotiations.


RetransFxTM is built using the latest cloud technologies that enable a rich, interactive analysis environment that securely exposes all invoice, payment, and reverse retransmission payment fee data to any desktop or mobile device.

Data is constantly cleansed, normalized and added to existing historical information each month, supporting predictive forecasts and making historical trends fully available for analysis.

Because the information is readily available within a single workflow, executives spend their time on analysis and discovery rather than on complicated manual data preparation and worksheet reformatting.

RetransFxTM tracks outstanding balances and manages overdue payments for major MVPD’s as well as for individual systems.

RetransFxTM identifies important changes in subscriber counts and payments and displays them in the context of multiple years of activity.

RetransFxTM stores all of the contracts with MVPD’s and with the networks connecting their commitments to the financial data, allowing staff to track rate changes and prepare in advance for contract renegotiations.

RetransFxTM fully supports the most complex reverse compensation payment strategies eliminating manual efforts. As a result, reverse retransmission fee payment calculations are fully integrated with the entire program retransmission fee process eliminating entire workflows and streamlining the month-end payment process

The critical analytical tool that broadcasters need to manage Program Retrans billing and payments.

The rich capabilities of RetransFxTM include:

A comprehensive set of interactive analytical tools targeting program retransmission revenue ready for finance and executive management to use any time they are needed

Predictive forecasts based on past subscriber activity and current and future rates

Generation of reverse program retransmission payment information

Direct access to all MVPD contracts and network reverse program retransmission fee contracts

Complete information on all adjustments and payments associated with each invoice

Thorough aging analysis

Access to available historical information at any time

Powerful analytical tools that can provide insight into subscriber and payment trends over time

Analysis of actual net revenue to stations including reverse compensation payments

Custom reports and analyses available on request


As part of a consistent enterprise-wide portfolio of data management solutions, CloudMBI RetransFxTM ensures that your business can quickly adapt to the constantly changing requirements of a modern media organization.

CloudMBI RetransFxTM is an integral product of the BIAnalytix™ portfolio of media analytics solutions. It enables your business analysts to generate powerful and sophisticated insights for your business.

CloudMBI RetransFxTM combined with Decentrix technology and consulting services on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid platform, will re-write the rules of how your business competes.

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