Mediabase Digital

Mediabase Digital TM delivers the rich business analytics which are lacking in today’s digital workflow systems.


An Overview:

As digital revenues become an increasingly important component of media enterprises, executives require consolidated cross-platform views across all their properties to extract the maximum revenue potential. Digital workflow systems are usually isolated within the overall operational framework of the media enterprise, and are simply designed to create and manage digital media workflows.

Weak financial capabilities, minimal reporting and a lack of business analytics, means that media executives cannot effectively monetize their digital audiences or surface actionable marketplace insights.

Because they are not integrated with the organization’s linear systems, this prevents tracking of cross-media spending.

A Different Approach

Mediabase DigitalTM is specifically designed to provide strong financial analysis, robust inventory management and rich cross-platform audience analytics that the current digital ecosystem cannot provide. Mediabase delivers accurate and actionable information for media executives to evolve effective cross-platform business models.

Mediabase Digital seamlessly extracts data at the most granular level of detail from digital workflow systems without disrupting key business activities.

This data is then transformed, normalized and loaded into a rich, digital media-specific platform for rapid and detailed business analysis.


Mediabase Digital is designed to be integrated with the rest of the Mediabase family allowing data to be seamlessly merged with linear media systems, other corporate systems, and 3rd party data.

This capability provides executives with a complete, cross platform, overview of their enterprise.

To support fast analysis, Mediabase Digital provides an industry specific metadata layer for business users to use immediately. This metadata includes complex relationships and hierarchies which empower business analysts to understand and illustrate marketplace realities.

Intuitive visualizations enable the discovery of business trends, surfacing the detailed information that drives those trends.

Mediabase Digital includes a full suite of complex calculations that deliver summaries to expose strengths, weaknesses, and trends in audiences, inventory, delivery, rates, revenue, and costs.

Mediabase Digital provides a consistent platform to enable organizations to maximize the value of inventory across all properties and media streams.

It provides a comprehensive and authoritative infrastructure that accurately measures inventory demand for precise pricing, planning and management.

MediabaseTM Digital delivers actionable strategic insights into corporate digital objectives. Fast.

Mediabase Digital delivers:

Detailed apportionment of revenue and impressions down to the site, section, product, and video level

Impressions by viewing medium and device

Confirmed impressions by 3rd party resellers

Point in time delivery breakdowns

Powerful reporting capabilities

CPM calculations by product

Cross platform advertiser spending analysis

Analysis of key upfront, remnant, and sponsorship business trends


Mediabase DigitalTM, a keystone product of the BIAnalytix™ portfolio of Media BI solutions, is an extensible and customizable platform for growth.

It is specifically designed to ingest all forms of digital media data sources and enable their integration with enterprise-wide linear and financial systems.

Mediabase Digital enables enterprises to manage a host of operational, tactical, and strategic issues ranging from a reliance on the timeliness of 3rd party performance measurements, to managing variances in impression delivery commitments, through to dealing with the vagueness of upfront market deal structures.

Mediabase Digital empowers your business analysts to generate powerful and sophisticated insights for your business.

This consistent enterprise-wide data-platform ensures that your business can quickly adapt to the constantly changing requirements of a modern media organization.

As an extendable platform, you are in total control of your evolving enterprise analysis requirements.

Decentrix technology and consulting services on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid platform, will rewrite the rules of how you compete.

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