BIAnalytix™ Features

BIAnalytix has a number of compelling value propositions that uniquely distinguish it in the Business Intelligence marketplace that is specifically targeted for Media, Entertainment, Cable Networks, Cable MSOs and Advertising Agencies.

Open Standards

Decentrix uses industry best of breed products with an open architecture that can be installed and managed within an organizations IT department.

  • Classic Open Data Warehouse with advanced data "Star" Schemas called MSTAR™.
  • Industry standards for data analysis utilizing XMLA (XML for analysis).
  • Supports Portal technologies with familiar Intranet Access.
  • Integrates with existing systems using flexible component interfaces with ETL called METL™.

Media/Advertising Data Warehouse

Decentrix provides the mechanism to extract and transform these media/advertising/web data sources in a uniform enterprise repository that can be effectively analyzed. The warehouse can be:

  • Loaded from disparate sources. These sources are from all media operational systems such as traffic, sales, accounting, inventory, programming, proposals, website revenue, website visitor statistics and third party industry data.
  • Unified by Shared Dimensions such as Customers, Subscribers, Sales, Programming, Content, Products, Advertising etc.
  • Remain Flexible for Proprietary data to be able to add unique relevant data sources to the mix.

Media KPIs

Decentrix provides in the Media/Advertising modules the relevant KPIs that are commonly used or desired in the Media/Advertising space. The architecture supports a common management and monitoring language and source of analysis across a diverse enterprise.

  • Common terminology (e.g. Average Rate) that is consistent across the Portal, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, all with the same agreed formulae.
  • Common Performance Indicators are available for distribution to all contributing levels.

Immediate Analysis

Decentrix implementation of Business Intelligence ensures that executives have immediate analysis at their fingertips. In addition and optionally, BIAnalytix modules support real-time data sourcing (such as web logs, settop box clickstream, or automation as-run), which is processed through the METL™ to the MStar™ data warehouse and then incrementally through to the updated OLAP media cubes MCube™ which refresh the portal analysis views in real-tim.

  • Allows fast investigative analysis that displays real-time cumulative results immediately.
  • Users can drill and filter to find the cause of an anomalous trend or answers to questions with the ability to change analysis views instantly when one view leads to more questions.
  • Supports real-time data sourcing through portal updates which increment the data warehouse and updates the cubes and refreshes the portal views.

Simplicity & Self-Service

Decentrix's approach to analysis emphasizes simplicity of use.

  • Familiar tools that include Excel Pivot Table drag and drop.
  • PowerView and PowerPivot
  • Predefined Named Calculations that allows selecting existing named calculations and encapsulates powerful relationships.
  • Presentation is predefined. Dimension formatting pre-established and presentable results are available immediately from drag and drop.

Business Portal

A universal intranet provides a Portal to access the data in detailed and summary form across the organization with personal and departmental customization of the relevant business views.

  • Secure Access through SharePoint Services and Active Directory.
  • Purpose built for department/division services where only access to the views relevant to the individuals job/role.
  • Common browser user interface that is used for all intranet data dissemination.
  • Supports personalized Dashboards with summary graphical business presentation.


A primary objective of BIAnalytix is to provide readily accessible forecasting to the executive team including:

  • Forecasting Calculated Measures.
  • Simple to add to analysis with Multiple Methodologies supported for example: past pacing forecasting, remaining inventory & average rate forecasting and past trend forecasting, etc.
  • Advanced warning of issues that encompass exception analysis using forecasts for oversell, revenue shortfalls, etc.

Yield Management / Revenue Maximization

A key to future revenue growth is the ability to look at all components of the business trends and maximize the potential revenue outcome. The BIAnalytix BI solution provides the detailed historical data and the forecasting tools for yield management analysis to recommend optimum pricing. This allows:

  • Forecasting of Revenue and supports Price/Demand Derivation.
  • Integration of Audience Delivery and provides Revenue Forecasts as a function of Rate changes.
  • Revenue Maximization by Rate optimization.

Auditable Data

Robust tools and secure data environments support strong auditing processes.

  • Supports Sarbanes Oxley Auditing since it secures the original source transactions.
  • Maintains the Data Warehouse in a secure and separate environment.
  • The Data Warehouse only adds transactions and all history is retained.
  • All business metrics are supported by source transactions in the Warehouse.
  • User analysis only pulls from the Data Cubes not the raw data.

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