Mediabase for Networks

Mediabase for Networks TM delivers insights needed to identify these evolving revenue opportunities.


An Overview:

Media executives need cross-platform analysis of their revenue and inventory in order to optimize the complexities in emerging business models. Media operational systems are designed to create and manage the diverse transactional information that drive departmental workflows. They were never designed to provide the enterprise‑wide, actionable business analytics that executives need to make strategic decisions. Their reports are often slow to generate and hard to change without disrupting key business activities.

As a result, consolidating inter-departmental information is typically managed by aggregating data manually with spreadsheets.

A Different Approach

MediabaseTM for Networks, a keystone product of the BIAnalytixTM portfolio of Media BI solutions, is uniquely designed to leverage data, data structures, and business relationships from existing corporate media operational systems.

Mediabase for Networks uniquely respects complex cross‑platform data relationships while retaining the most granular level of detail from disparate systems.

Mediabase for Networks is an enterprise platform that enables media companies to maximize the value of inventory across all of their properties. It provides comprehensive and authoritative information that drives demand, CPM pricing, planning, and management.

It extracts, transforms, normalizes, consolidates, and loads data from operational transaction systems into a rich, media-specific analytics platform for rapid, real‑time strategic insights.


To support fast analysis, Mediabase for Networks provides an industry-specific metadata layer with rich data relationships and hierarchies that business users can use immediately. It enables business analysts to create flexible visualizations which enable the discovery of business trends, as well as surfacing the detailed information that drives those trends.

Mediabase includes a full suite of calculations that deliver data summaries to highlight strengths, weaknesses, and trends in inventory, CPMs, revenue, impressions, and costs.

Mediabase simplifies and optimizes pricing by providing insight into historical pacing data and pricing trends to forecast utilization and sellout. This enables increased visibility into inventory mix utilization and supports detailed analysis of the buyer’s purchasing profile.

Mediabase combines both impression commitments and impression delivery, essential for near real-time campaign performance monitoring to enhance stewardship.

Mediabase has intuitive dashboards for visibility into pricing, demands and utilization. An extensive library of media-specific attributes and measures provides an almost limitless number of analyses for executives to drive initiatives.

MediabaseTM for Networks delivers cross-platform strategic insights to drive corporate objectives. Fast.

Consider the following sample analyses:

Client Analysis:
historical comparisons and forecasts by client, agency, and air date for gross and net revenue, CPMs, units and duration.

Sales Analysis:
sales revenue from a sales manager’s perspective by sales office, AE, agency, client, network/property, and air date.

Forecast Analysis:
historical data to forecast future positions of impressions, CPMs, revenue, and avails.

Inventory Analysis:
detailed inventory positions with analysis by program, daypart, property, and air date with pacing data.

Program Analysis:
schedules with a filter and drill‑down capability over programs, dayparts, networks, and air dates with pacing of gross and net revenue, units, and durations down to the individual client and unit.

Survey Analysis:
delivered average audiences and shares reviewed by network, date, time, and program.

Delivery Analysis:
applied audience for all breaks, both past and projected, with all demographics.

Campaign Performance Analysis:
campaigns over all properties with delivered and proposed audiences.


Mediabase is an extensible and customizable platform for growth. It is specifically designed to ingest all operational systems.

This ensures your enterprise can quickly adapt to the constantly changing requirements of a modern media organization.

As an extensible platform, you are in total control of your evolving enterprise analysis requirements.

Mediabase empowers your business analysts to generate actionable and sophisticated views of your entire business.

Decentrix technology and consulting services on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid platform, will re-write the rules of how your media business competes.

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