Mediabase Guardian

Mediabase Guardian TM is a comprehensive workflow measurement and optimization technology for media enterprises. It uniquely provides centralized measurement of processes, providing accurate analysis of workflows to surface opportunities for increasing business efficiencies.


An Overview:

Many workflow systems claim flexibility and affordability, often disguising the huge consulting investments to integrate and deploy, and subsequently modify. Not to mention the business disruption they can cause.

Additionally, many do not have integrations with incumbent business systems. This requires intrusive and expensive development cycles that result in complex installations with extensive interdepartmental business process negotiations leading to risky outcomes with unpredictable delays.

Even more challenging, these consulting exercises are invariably stymied by a lack of understanding of the nuances of the media business. They often, create a large messaging overhead both in compute resources as well as information overload to staff from ‘chatty’ messaging rules that convey little or no information.

Workflow systems can assist in defining adherence to defined business process, but few provide meaningful information on the actual performance of the business processes in context. Performance feedback is a minimum requirement for continual improvement of efficiencies.

Mediabase Guardian™ was specifically designed to assist media enterprises overcome these challenges.

Mediabase GuardianTM features:

Aggregates detailed workflow metrics

Provides data governance insights

Monitors existing business systems

Promotes process improvement

Enables development of business KPIs

A New Approach

All media businesses have business processes in place that have evolved from vendors’ system best practices or in-house workarounds. Some are automatic, others manual

Rather than automating institutionalized workflows and practices, we asked the question “how do you know which processes need to be addressed to optimize the business as a whole?”

It became readily apparent that organizations often embarked on a Business Process Re-engineering studies based on the aggregate requirements derived from anecdotal information from owners of entrenched business practices.

Accurate measurement was the key

In a bid to source unbiased data to drive decisions, Decentrix based Mediabase Guardian™ on our foundation of Business Analytics. By measuring the actual workflows, as they are at any given point in time and providing insights into the data-flows of the business using ‘data probes’, Guardian supports continuous process improvement.

Because the information is collected and displayed in real-time, your enterprise will always be in a position to direct management oversight effectively.

Mediabase Guardian™ provides a central enterprisebased repository of history that fully addresses the acquisition, aggregation, and normalization of business metrics, reflecting your business workflow performance enabling you to derive meaningful KPIs.


Mediabase Guardian™ supports the challenges of data governance in complex, multi-system organizations with an intelligent cloud-enabled design that aggregates workflow performance history in a secure data-repository.

Mediabase Guardian™ complements Decentrix’s existing resource monitoring products that maximize the performance and utility of the BIAnaltyix™ portfolio.

By integrating with Mediabase SQLInsight™ that monitors application performance, CloudMBI Sentinel™ that monitors and maps business process to optimize cloud infrastructure resources, Mediabase Guardian™ monitors and measures business workflows.

This approach uniquely provides your enterprise with the ability to manage, people, processes and technology with insights provided through sophisticated data-analytics and visualizations.

Because of the open architecture philosophy that permeates the entire Decentrix BIAnaltyix™ product portfolio, Mediabase Guardian™ is easily integrated with modern desktop and mobile applications further amplifying its utility.

Mediabase GuardianTM takes the guesswork out of managing workflows - it supports the business maxim of “you can only properly manage what you can measure.”


As part of a consistent enterprise-wide datamanagement solution portfolio, Mediabase Guardian™ empowers your management team to generate powerful and actionable insights and KPIs for your business.

Mediabase Guardian™ combined with Decentrix technology and consulting services on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid platform, ensures that your business can quickly adapt to the constantly changing business process requirements of a modern, scalable media organization.

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