Providing you with all the necessary insights to maximize revenue for your corporation.


An Overview:

BIAnalytixTM is best thought of as a fully functioning set of modules (building blocks) for an enterprise wide media analysis solution that can be rapidly deployed with the goal of providing all the necessary insights to maximize revenue for the corporation. These building blocks can be constructed to focus on any media corporation’s imperatives and business models spanning MVPDs, Networks, Broadcasters, Digital, Content Sell Side Platforms and many others. The modules are composed into a platform solution as MediabaseTM for an industry sector for example, MediabaseTM for Broadcast.

The BIAnalytixTM modules are designed to extract data from working transactional systems within the organization (sales, traffic, ad servers, proposal, campaign planning etc.) and ingest that data into a purpose built enterprise media data analysis solution. These modules may be functionally different across diverse sectors of the media and advertising landscape and consequently may be implemented as building blocks across operational departments that ultimately can grow to a total enterprise wide data analysis solution.

The various modules are outlined in more detail under Solutions, however….

The media data sources that can be ingested into the MediabaseTM platforms are diverse and span:

Traffic Systems

Proposal Systems

Audience Data

Accounts Receivable

Campaign Planning

CRM Systems

Digital Web clickstream data

Program Amortization

Digital Adserver Data

STB clickstream data

Subscriber Data

GEO Mapping data

The BIAnalytixTM Product Portfolio


Detailed contract, inventory and revenue analysis for linear business models Inventory, audience and revenue analytics for digital media business models Content production, utilization and scheduling with ROI analytics Master Data HubTM media industry-specific enterprise master data management Sell Side Platform prodiving real-time access to inventory levels and pricing Workflow measurement and optimization technology for media enterprises Consolidated invoice detail with detailed ageing Campaign Performance Management integrates audience measurements with available inventory Ingestion of sales pipeline detail for full inventory demand pressure of the entire sales process Dynamic RateCard manager for managing sellable inventory, impressions, and revenue maximization
MediaBaseTM in the cloud Comprehensive interactive analytical toolset designed for broadcasters to manage program retransmission billing and payments MediaBaseTM in the cloud resource management, scheduling and cost optimization
Enterprise portal for dashboards, analytics and reporting Mobile analytics visualization platform

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