Artificial Intelligence has been in the news quite a bit with several articles discussing why a large majority of people are not ready to trust AI technology.  I admit a car running on AI does seem a bit unnerving. Many implementations of AI are tasked to create operational efficiencies, produce savings and increase revenue.  For self-driving cars this means the elimination of the expense of a driver and traveling the most expeditious and efficient route. Thus, eliminating the driver, saving gas and wear and tear.  But how many of us are ready to trust a driverless car?

At Decentrix we have had similar experiences with AI. As our customers created new types of inventory such as digital, addressable OTT, CTV, etc. their business got more complicated. Siloed inventory pools were creating fragmentation along with escalating operational and sales problems. Inventory was not being used efficiently and money was being left on the table.  This led to more people expected to solve these growing workflow problems creating less opportunity to build human/machine trust. However, this invariably becomes just too convoluted and resulting in error-prone inefficiencies. By delegating the complexity to machine intelligence, and using people to oversee policy, the balance between profit and operational efficiency can be restored. Which is why Decentrix created BIAnalytix™ with AI for Media.

BIAnalytix™ with AI for Media™ eliminates the silos and combines all inventories linear, digital, addressable, CTV, SVOD, etc. into a single system which provides the capability to implement cross-media planning, inventory optimization, rate card maximization, Frictionless Trading™ (self-service), scenario planning, content ROI analytics and consolidated billing. As with driverless cars, we realized that this paradigm shift was going to create some business apprehension, with customers not necessarily comfortable relinquishing their entire system to AI decisions.

BIAnalytix™ with AI for Media™ was created to tackle the issues of a complex advertising industry yet be flexible enough for our customers to be comfortable with the level of intelligence introduced into their systems.  The types and number of rules implemented allows for the dialing up or down of the amount of decision making the system has control over.  Once deployed customers receive higher yield, reduced makegoods, operational efficiencies and increased revenue and come to the realization that with BIAnalytix™ and AI for Media they are not losing control but gaining control.

Unlike a driverless car, our customers do not have to immediately become totally dependent on the AI to reach their destination. BIAnalytix™ driving revenue!