M&E Specialization Consulting

Consulting for Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunication

Decentrix Consulting Services are designed highly skilled and talented consultants to Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications vertical markets with a need for complex web solutions, web analytics or rich Business Intelligence Data Analytics.

The Decentrix Consulting Services can be customized very readily to create marketplace solutions that meet the needs of specific M&E and Telecommunication industry segments. Decentrix's consultants, developers and creative staff with a deep knowledge of these industries are able to develop solutions that meet specific current and emerging industry challenges.

Our consultants have been engaged in solutions that span a wide variety of enterprise wide execution for these companies including:

  • Enterprise web development and web analytics
  • Enterprise e-commerce and online stores
  • Radio and Television trafficking analysis
  • Sales proposal analytics
  • Media research analytics
  • IPTV
  • Advanced Television and Interactive TV
  • Revenue Maximization analysis
  • Subscriber and set top box analytics

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