Consulting Process

The Decentrix consulting Process is composed of a number of elements:

Analysis of Requirements

The analysis phase begins with a detailed analysis of a company's business, resulting in documentation and specifications of the unique requirements. This provides a basis for the Decentrix Technical Team to offer advice on how to best leverage the tools and capabilities for specific company needs, to schedule the project and to cost the execution.

Project Management

Throughout the project, the Decentrix Project Management and Account Management Team works closely with the corporation's assigned project staff to coordinate and monitor the successful progress of the project. Decentrix manages each aspect of the design, development, and testing to control the quality of the final product. Regular checkpoints are set along the way to meet with the customer's team members and ensure that results are consistent with the specification of requirements.

Development and Testing

Based on the business and functional requirements defined in the analysis phase, the Decentrix Technical Team creates a blueprint for the design and implementation of the project. System analysts, programmers, DBA's, business analysts, graphic designers, copywriters, project managers and account managers are then assigned to appropriate responsibilities to coordinate the project to a successful conclusion and to schedule testing and quality assurance of the final product.


Once the testing and quality assurance phase is complete and the product is moved to deployment phase. The final product may be deployed in customer infrastructure or it may be deployed on Decentrix's infrastructure at our co-location facility as an outsourced model. An alternative is also to deploy the solution using "cloud" resources.

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