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Decentrix Business Intelligence Consulting Services

With the proliferation of low cost data storage most organizations today are accumulating large amounts of data about their business - sales, inventory, financial and customer data. However it can be very challenging to access and extract this data in a timely and meaningful way to support critical business decision processes.

Decentrix's Business Intelligence consulting team, together with the BIAnalytix solution, is very experienced in providing a rapid response solution to this vexing problem. The consulting process starts by an interviewing process with executives and future users. The objective is to identify key business imperatives and the critical priorities for decision outcomes This process is intended to crystallize the structure of a series of reporting "must haves" and the elements of executive dashboards, supporting reports and graphical presentations which are necessary key components of decision making across the corporation.

As a part of the process we need to identify where the underlying data is retained (or if it is retained). The data sources may be held in totally disparate applications on different databases (these could be financial data on a separate financial system, a sales system that tracks sales people and their performance in a separate database, an inventory management system attached to a warehousing function etc.). These data sources need to be extracted, cleansed and moved to a data warehouse to act as a central repository for further analysis.

The Decentrix BIAnalytix solution provides powerful tools for each component of the BI Data Warehouse implementation:

  • Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) tool to import customized data - Finance, Inventory, Rates...
  • Database tool for the data warehouse - to structure the transaction history
  • OLAP (on-line analytical processing) tool to manage all the cube subtotals - cubes can be created based on any data stored in the data warehouse
  • Analysis Presentation tools - allowing the creation of scorecards, dashboards, reports and visualization in graphs, charts and maps
  • Portal tools to customize the analysis layout for job roles and users

In specific industries such as online web commerce, media, entertainment and advertising where Decentrix has consulted extensively we can fast track these processes by utilizing the knowledgebase and pre-defined Modules we have previously developed.

This knowledge transfer process consists of:

  • Quick Start
    • Standard tools and templates
  • Business Intelligence Kit
    • ETL for media source data
    • Data Warehouse design
    • Pre-defined Cubes and Measures
    • Standard analysis BIAnalytix views/reports
  • Hardware and Software Resources definition
  • Installation Management
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Administration/design training
    • User training
  • Prerequisites
    • Data sources exist and are available for extraction to the Data Warehouse

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