The BIAnalytix™ Solutions consist of purpose built Modules that allow for repeatable success and a fast, enterprise-wide data warehouse and Business Intelligence implementation.

Each BIAnalytix Module is dedicated to a class of business analysis derived from one or more source transactional systems and includes:

  • Extracting (liberating) data from one or more specific transactional system at very detailed level
  • Combining that data into the enterprise data warehouse purpose built for the detailed data and establishing the complex data relationships
  • Providing the resulting analytics through a variety of delivery platforms that support data driven decisions for the corporation

Our clients select the Modules that are most strategic for their Business Intelligence needs as well as the priority of installation for the Modules to be implemented. The Module selection and sequence of deployment depends on the strategic need and priority for the data to be merged into their enterprise data warehouse.

Each licensed BIAnalytix Module is comprised of the following five (5) component parts: 1) Staging, 2) ETL (METL™), 3) Star Schema (MStar™), 4) OLAP Cube (MCube™), and 5) Analysis (MPort™). These components are an open set of detailed configurations and definitions. By "open" we mean that once a BIAnalytix Module is licensed and after the implementation is complete, our clients have full rights to modify every aspect of the Module components. Modifications are expected either by our clients or through consulting engagements with Decentrix. This complete freedom to extend and evolve all aspects of the BIAnalytix system to meet your strategic corporate requirements, when and how you deem important, is the polar opposite of a closed and proprietary 3rd party solution where enhancements and time frame for release are governed by the larger client base as a whole.

Below are the sectors we provide BIAnalytix Modules for:

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