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Interview conducted by Microsoft's Kirk Evans

In Part 1 of this interview, we talk with Wayne Ruting, CEO of Decentrix, about why BI matters, how BI is not simply providing reports in a transactional application, and we learn more about Decentrix and their BIAnalytix offering...

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Decentrix Offers Big Brother in a Box

As their jobs become increasingly complex, station group CEOs are looking for ways to gain quick access to financial and sales information from their far-flung stations and sort through it effectively so that they can identify and act on problems...

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Media Business Intelligence's Time Has Come

Although industry, corporate and institutional knowledge coupled with a keen sense of intuition certainly comes in handy when managing in today’s business dynamics, it is no longer sufficient in making business decisions, especially in Media. A key ingredient for establishing a major competitive advantage is the use of Business Intelligence by Media companies...

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