2017 Decentrix NAB Show Preview

February 2, 2017

Decentrix Product Preview 2017 NAB Show In the Microsoft Booth

At the 2017 NAB Show, Decentrix will highlight refinements to its comprehensive portfolio of BIAnalytix Mediabase™ solutions, which address the specific analytics needs of businesses within the media and entertainment industry to support agile adaptation and repeatable success.
The company also will debut a new solution that delivers a complete set of interactive analytical tools covering program retransmission revenue.

BIAnalytix™ Business Analytics Solution

Decentrix will showcase BIAnalytix™, the media industry’s only cross-platform business analytics solution that is widely deployed in daily production. The company will showcase the power of this unique platform in enabling MVPDs, networks, broadcasters, digital video publishers, and ad agencies to enhance audience values with pinpoint targeting and to maximize inventory value and optimize campaigns across all their properties.

Mediabase MDH™

As media enterprises combine information from multiple systems, data conflicts between those systems prevent detailed reporting and analysis. Data entry errors and local operational requirements further complicate these conflicts, resulting in system inconsistencies.

Until now, organizations have focused on enforcing data entry standards. Strict data entry policies slow down business. They delay new data entry. They create operational problems, and they delay reconciliation. The magnitude of effort necessary to achieve such policies is overwhelming and impractical. Mediabase MDH™ is a comprehensive master data management solution for the media industry. It uniquely enables centralized management of master records through automated workflows.

Mediabase SSP™

Today’s media sales processes are bogged down by multiple unintegrated systems; ineffective pricing models; and manually driven, traffic-centric business cycles — all creating process friction and all working to different business time frames.

As media organizations expand into new sales channels, additional unintegrated sales processes are added to the mix. Together, these conditions result in a fragmented sales approach, one that is focused on selling advertising on each individual medium separately. Advertisers and agencies can’t value or buy and execute cross-platform campaigns as they need to.

Mediabase SSP™ enables the entire media enterprise to work across sales platforms, making it possible to transform manual sales processes into real-time workflows that accelerate revenue opportunities and work at the speed of the buyer.

Presentation at the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference: “Using Digital Delivery Metrics to Enhance Linear Content Value”

Dr. Michael Ledwich, senior vice president of the analytics group at Decentrix, will present the paper “Using Digital Delivery Metrics to Enhance Linear Content Value” on Thursday, April 27, as part of the Big Data Workflow sessions at the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC). He will describe the viewing metrics that can be gathered from the digital delivery of content and how they can be used to increase the value of linear delivery. Ledwich also will explain how valuable viewer metrics are derived from logs of individual consumer content interactions on digital platforms, and then outline ways those viewer metrics can be applied to linear delivery to increase inventory valuations and enhance advertising revenues.

Dr. Michael Ledwich, Senior Vice President of Analytics, Decentrix Inc.

About Decentrix Inc.

Decentrix offers complete business analytics solutions that enhance the revenue opportunities of media, entertainment, telecommunications, and advertising companies. Decentrix enterprise solutions expose critical data within the cross-media operational systems used by these businesses and deliver insights that yield maximized inventory pricing, enhanced audience values, and optimized campaigns across all properties and platforms. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media business systems, Decentrix provides powerful solutions — on premise, in the cloud, and as a hybrid platform — that industry-leading companies trust daily in making critical business decisions. More information is available at www.decentrix.com.


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