Decentrix Mediabase MDH Simplifies Consistent, Accurate Master Data Management

New Application Reduces the Time and Resources Required for Timely, Effective Multi-Source Data Consolidation and Management

MARCH 16, 2017 - DENVER, CO

Decentrix has augmented its BIAnalytix™ portfolio of media business intelligence solutions with Mediabase MDH™, the only industry-specific master data management application specifically engineered for media enterprises. Automating centralized management of master records, Mediabase MDH eliminates corporate data complexity issues and delivers the accurate and consistent data that helps the organization to remain agile and responsive within an ever-changing marketplace.

Mediabase MDH addresses the fact that as media enterprises combine information from multiple systems, data conflicts between those systems — as well as normal data entry errors — prevent the detailed reporting and analysis that are essential to informed business decision-making. Rather than spend time enforcing strict data entry policies, media enterprises can rely on Mediabase MDH to ensure accurate, standardized data entry and effective consolidation of data from transactional systems across the enterprise.

The new Decentrix solution features a secure central database containing industry-specific master values, and it applies powerful automation tools to streamline and automate the mapping of data from all operational systems. These tools continually search for and locate duplicate records, import new entries, identify unmapped values, and map records as needed. Mediabase MDH has the flexibility to create and change reporting relationships dynamically without disrupting the entire media organization.

“Our data scientists and application teams have a long history of working with the transactional systems central to a media enterprise, and this expertise is evident in the agility with which Mediabase MDH automates and simplifies master data management,” said Taras Bugir, president at Decentrix. “By fully addressing the acquisition, creation, and maintenance of such master records, Mediabase MDH makes it easy for business users, rather than IT staff, to integrate critical data into the business workflow.”

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