Decentrix delivers industry-specific Master Data Management solution for Media enterprises

April 18, 2016 - LAS VEGAS, NV

Decentrix delivers industry-specific Master Data Management solution for Media enterprises

Decentrix announces Mediabase MDH™, a comprehensive master data management solution for the media industry. It uniquely enables centralized management of master records through automated workflows for accurate consolidated analysis.

As media enterprises combine information from multiple systems, naming inconsistencies between those systems prevent accurate reporting and analysis.

Traditional non-industry specific Master Data Management solutions require extensive data-governance consulting and source systems development. Organizations often try, in vain, to enforce data entry standards. These typically ignore local operational requirements and delay data entry, slowing down business processes.

“The ideal solution is to integrate a central database containing industry specific master values with your source system workflows, enabling enterprise-wide consistency”, stated Wayne Ruting, CEO of Decentrix. “Furthermore, the magnitude of effort necessary to enforce global policies is overwhelming, impractical and the results are often short-lived”, Ruting emphasized.

Mediabase MDH was built upon the principle that each source system needs to manage its business environment locally, each having its own business rules and requirements, each generating the data to support centralized corporate reporting and analysis.

Mediabase MDH applies a set of powerful automation tools that streamline and automate the entire mapping process eliminating complexity while minimizing manual workloads. They continually search for and locate duplicate records, import new entries, identify unmapped values, and map records as needed.

Mediabase MDH has the added nuance of supporting management of data by business users, providing the flexibility to change reporting relationships dynamically without disrupting the entire corporation. By mapping and aligning source system data automatically, analysts are empowered to move more quickly and effectively.

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