Decentrix releases Dynamic Rate Card™ Solution for Media Ad Sellers

April 13, 2015 - DENVER, CO

Decentrix releases Dynamic Rate Card™ Solution for Media Ad Sellers

Decentrix, the leading technology company providing data driven Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics for global media companies, today announced the release of its Dynamic Rate Card™ solution for media sellers.

The Dynamic Rate Card™ is a near real-time ad sales rate card that enables impression-based pricing across all sales platforms – Linear, Digital, and Video – with inventory priced consistently across the entire enterprise delivery portfolio. Most importantly, pricing is intimately connected to actual inventory, reflects demand pressures by demographic embracing all sales sources and is available for use on desktop, tablet or smartphone by pricing and planning, salespeople and programmatic platforms alike.

"The industry keeps asking us about how to deal effectively with programmatic as it evolves", said Wayne Ruting, CEO of Decentrix. "We strongly believe that having the right inventory correctly priced is fundamental – and that is driven by the customer’s own inventory and demographic data. That is their competitive value proposition. Algorithms and trading platforms that don’t respect this imperative cannot possibly grow inventory valuations for their media clients."

The Dynamic Rate Card™ addresses a major need for ad sales, which is the ability to sell cross-media inventory in an impression-based model, supporting the increasing demand of selling inventory programmatically.

Near real-time monitoring of inventory at the most granular level of individual impression enables linking of campaign deliveries across delivery platforms with unprecedented accuracy, which until now have not been available to the industry.

"There seems to be this misconception that somehow salespeople will ultimately go away and that a digital-like workflows will prevail", added Taras Bugir, President of Decentrix. "Linear workflows are complex with a diversity of operational systems to manage them, and this complexity is reflective of the high value of those mediums. With Dynamic Rate Card, we can enable real-time trading, with near-real-time placement and confirmation. You simply cannot do that without intimate knowledge of, and access to those key operational systems."

Other benefits to sellers include near real-time pricing, optimization of inventory, and aggregating audiences across any nominated demographic to make it easier for buyers to transact integrated media campaigns whether it be face-to-face, phone, email or programmatic.

Decentrix will be at NAB 2015, presenting at Microsoft’s booth. For more information and a demo of the Dynamic Rate Card™, visit Decentrix at NAB 2015 Booth SL6600.

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