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April 12, 2011 - DENVER

Decentrix announces new BIAnalytix™ Module for Advanced and Interactive Television Using Microsoft BI Platform

Decentrix Inc. announced today the release of their enhanced BIAnalytix Module for Interactive TV and business intelligence for the Telecommunications, Cable and Satellite TV industry. Decentrix's BIAnalytix Data Warehouse Solution is a state of the art multi-dimensional Media Data analysis solution that uses a customized Microsoft SharePoint 2010 portal as its primary means of analysis and report delivery.This module is a member of the BIAnalytix family and is targeted at the analysis of complex multifaceted digital media transactions. Based upon Decentrix's extensive experience in the performance metrics for internet campaigns, the Interactive TV module allows ingest of data from settop box content and clickstream data allowing many different advanced advertising products to be mapped into a common end to end data warehouse analysis system. The module is applicable to any Advanced TV deployment infrastructure whether web, IPTV, cable , satellite or wireless distribution.

The module provides the data warehouse schema, the ETL (Extract Transform and Load) packages, the OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) cube, and sample portal dashboards and reports. The application ingests the campaign promotional transactions together with the cost of the campaign impressions. It then loads the Click-throughs to quantify the viewer selections. The module also supports the page view transactions to monitor the viewer interaction and the effectiveness of campaigns. Finally it processes the conversions which result from the promotions to provide ROI analysis.The module is capable of integrating performance statistics across many diverse delivery products within a campaign. Critical Reach and Frequency analysis is implemented by loading the detailed transactions into OLAP analysis.

Because it is an integrated member of the BIAnalytix family, the interactive advanced television metrics can be merged for analysis with the linear TV campaign metrics.

In summary, the Interactive TV module provides a comprehensive solution to the emerging but fast growing advanced television initiatives that are generating massive volumes of data and very challenging analysis problems. It delivers the information necessary to make critical business decisions on time, accurately, and with the confidence that the information is housed in a sophisticated, top-end, enterprise class data warehouse: BIAnalytix.

"We're pleased to see Decentrix utilize Microsoft technologies in these complex and challenging data warehouse environments," said Jake Winett, director of Media & Entertainment Industry Solutions, Microsoft Communications Sector. "Solutions such as the BIAnalytix Data Warehouse Interactive TV platform are a great example of how Microsoft technologies help media companies gain insight into content, advertising and business systems."

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Decentrix is a technology and consulting company specializing in Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) and Media Data Warehouse Solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media transactional systems, Decentrix offers a fast track, fully working solution for Media BI built using Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The BIAnalytix™ Solution was purpose built to help media companies solve the challenge of readily accessing the large amount of data locked up in their "transactional" systems, in a fast, meaningful and strategic way, by consolidating that data into a single corporate media data warehouse.

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