Mobility Apps

Mobility's Role in BI

Mobility is increasingly becoming a critical component of BI deployment in large corporations. Analytics delivered to a mobile device (which may be laptops, tablets or smart phones) offer the promise of immediate access to critical data wherever a decision needs to be made. This data may be delivered in a number of ways:

Push Reporting

User specific dashboards or key reports are delivered automatically to the device at predefined times. The delivery should be location and device-independent.

Pull Reporting

User-specific information can be accessed and pulled on request from central servers. User authentication ensures that individuals only have access to the "data slices" appropriate to their roles.


The BI system can create alerts to appropriate users that may give them oversight on such items as inventory changes, rate card changes, and customer spend limits. These are normally sent as immediate email or text alerts.

Decentrix offers a range of mobile solutions which allow delivery of reporting and dashboards from the portal directly to iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phone and Windows Mobile 7 and Windows 8 tablets.

The most recent release is BIAnalytix Mobile 8, which incorporates the latest Windows 8 Metro technologies into our data visualization and presentation architecture. BIAnalytix Mobile 8 utilizes the Windows 8 platform, which allow rich interactivity and mobility for immediate delivery of key analysis and metrics to executives on the move. Presentation elements of the new product allow users to decouple their analysis from the desktop and to explore the enterprise media data warehouse in a fully mobile, flexible, and location independent manner. Users of the new mobile platform whether connected or unconnected to the internet may access critic corporate information on the move since last updates are securely stored in locally maintained database on the Windows 8 enable mobile platform.

The Windows 8 platform allows users with their mobile slate in hand to touch the information and interact with it through a series of intuitive gestures. By zooming, sliding, pinching, and swiping with their fingers through the touch screen interface, the mobile manger can drill into the information, discover timely and pertinent business relationships and causalities, and execute the decisions that make a difference in their organization. In the air, on the move, with or without a network connection, it provides mobility with a comprehensive media analytics.