MDM Mapper

BIAnalytix Master Data Management-Mapper - a solution for poorly structure or unstructured data in source systems.

Mapping Data to Master Naming Lists - Made Easy!

For corporations with large amounts of historical data that has been collected in a data warehouse, the BIAnalytix MDM-Mapper software is truly a major breakthrough to transform this historical asset so that meaningful reporting and analysis can take place across all data.

The challenge with all old transactional history that has been entered over many years and by many different people is that it defies easy rollup in any meaningful reporting. The data at the granular level within your data warehouse must conform to your master data naming conventions. The task of achieving this goal with potentially billions of historical transactions is manually very time consuming and has previously been very challenging, if not impossible. What was largely unachievable in the past, can now be accomplished in just a few weeks with BIAnalytix MDM-Mapper! Call us for a demonstration to see how it works.

The Decentrix, BIAnalytix MDM-Mapper Features and Benefits include:

  • Capable of rapidly mapping an enormous amount of data
  • Takes advantage of highly advanced free text searching to quickly find the data that you need mapped
  • A three (3) panel display allows vast and easy oversight in the mapping process
  • Fast and responsive look and feel that allows for very complex operations with minimal user effort
  • Master detail analysis allows a user to quickly see all detail data for a particular master record
  • Insightful Master Detail count column showing exactly how many details are mapped to each master record
  • Unmapped count screen that shows how many unmapped records there are for each particular master/detail relationship>
  • Highly secure authentication model leveraging the security of the domain user account
  • Highly configurable data source configuration capable of interfacing to a number of back end systems