About Decentrix

Decentrix, founded in 2001, is a global technology and service company that develops, consults and licenses web software solutions and enterprise wide analytics for Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications companies.

Our solutions support fast and insightful management decisions across all elements of the business processes for these businesses including traditional linear media, digital, eMedia and mobile deployment. Our consulting practice also spans traditional linear media (both content and advertising) as well as all elements of emerging digital media including web news, entertainment and advertising, streaming media, digital interactive, social media, set top box, mobile deployment and e-commerce. Our goal is to provide leading edge applications to executives to allow them to make critical, timely and profitable decisions in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The Decentrix executive and professional consulting services team has many decades of technology experience in advertising, advertising agency, radio, television, cable networks, cable MSOs, and digital and Internet media. We have designed, built and serviced most media transactional systems including campaign planning systems, media buying, audience research, production costing systems, client profitability systems, proposal systems, sales analysis, traffic systems, program rights and distribution, master control automation systems, A/R, A/P and G/L and ERP solutions, all specifically for Media and Advertising Agencies.

Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) Solutions

Decentrix BIAnalytix™ is a powerful Business Intelligence Solution tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. BIAnalytix provides a very rapid way of accessing large amounts of information on sales, inventory, research, customer and financial history across essentially all Media business systems. This analysis is presented in a simple meaningful way to executives in "Dashboards" that displays the performance and trending of the business and is deployed across secure intranets, extranets and mobile platforms.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of the business are represented in simple to read graphs and tables that are accessible by executives 24/7 through their secure personal web portal. These graphs and tables allow drill down to any level of detail in a matter of seconds (not hours, days or weeks, as with old reporting methods).

Our extensive technical experience with both linear and digital media, positions Decentrix uniquely as the trusted "company of choice" for establishing world-class, enterprise wide, Business Intelligence solutions within Media and Advertising Agency groups. Decentrix has a deep understanding of the analysis requirements of traditional data as well as digital (new media) data throughout the entire organization and we know and understand the vast complexities and implications of the rapidly changing world of advertising.

The Decentrix implementation services of BIAnalytix include architecting, design, development, installation, testing, quality assurance, acceptance testing, technical and user training. The BIAnalytix solutions are "open" meaning our clients can operate independently once we have trained and transferred the knowledge base of the solution to client support staff.

The BIAnalytix product line is built on the Microsoft SQL Server BI stack and is SQL 2012 compatible. Decentrix is a Microsoft ISV and we are a Microsoft Silver certified Business Intelligence Partner. We were nominated as Business Intelligence Partner of the year in 2011 (one of over 3,000 nominations) and were awarded second place competing with businesses from 160 countries. BIAnalytix consists of predefined comprehensive Modules that provide a "fast track" implementation of Business Intelligence for a media enterprise. BIAnalytix offers a very rapid way of accessing large amounts of media information at both a detail granular level and also an aggregated level.

Web and Digital Solutions

The Decentrix team has over a decade of experience in the development and deployment of website publishing solutions, video streaming, IPTV, social media, mobile ad targeting and web analytics.. Currently this website patent portfolio includes eight (8) awarded patents and several still pending.

The patented Decentrix website solution (DWS) allows our customers to develop large numbers of websites and control the distribution of online content to their resellers, agents or franchisees in a simple, powerful, yet easy-to-use collaborative website solution. DWS serves content that is targeted to specific business types. Complete applications for editing content, changing design, color, and layouts are available in a familiar point-and-click environment. This innovative patented website technology allows non-technical users to build and deploy website solutions through a simple, yet powerful and flexible interface. Decentrix publishing products and end user solutions allow non-programmers the ability to produce high quality, sophisticated website content.

Behind Decentrix website solution is our powerful patented technology suite that allows customization of content, navigation, layout, and appearance and provide the ability to "push out" content to multiple platforms, ranging from desktop, laptop, iPad, Slate and mobile phones.


Decentrix also has a full service Media Business Intelligence professional consulting practice that addresses the needs of the largest global media, entertainment, telecommunications and advertising agency corporations. The professional services team can provide highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants to our clients that encompass:

  • Analysis of Requirements
  • Project management
  • Development and Testing of solutions
  • Training of technical staff and end users
  • Outsourced operational management of internal solutions

Our clients say we add tremendous knowledge and value to their organization and find our consultant’s extensive media/advertising experience invaluable. The Decentrix consulting team hits the ground running with little need to be educated on business strategy and workflow. Our consultants help our clients define their strategic business success factors and KPIs and then deploy a solution that provides the pertinent metrics for a competitive advantage and industry leadership.