About Decentrix

Decentrix is a globally focused data technology company that has developed solutions which maximize advertising and content revenues across all media distribution platforms for Brand Advertisers, Telecommunications and Media and Entertainment companies.

Decentrix’s patent pending AI forMedia™ technology, powers our solutions for cross-media planning, inventory optimization, rate card maximization, FrictionlessTrading™, content ROI analytics and consolidated billing to maximize revenue opportunities with transformative intelligence. This uniquely focused capability builds on our deep industry experience and results in substantially enhanced revenue outcomes across entire portfolios of our client’s businesses including traditional linear, digital, addressable, and mobile media. We are continually expanding these enhanced revenue abilities across all newly emerging content delivery platforms.

This deep, global media business and technology experience is the foundation of our extensive patent portfolio and the genesis of BIAnalytix™, by far the most comprehensive media enterprise platform today. BIAnalytix™ can be configured to provide cross-media planning, consolidated billing, inventory optimization, Frictionless Trading™, dynamic pricing, content ROI and analytics with a rapid deployment model that delivers results for your organization in weeks, not years.

The BIAnalytix™ product platform is currently deployed in many top-tier media and telco enterprises powering their daily operations. All BIAnalytix™ products are mobile-enabled, powering enterprise teams with critical, timely, and profitable decisions that maximize advertising and content revenues in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Decentrix’s technology and capabilities solve the multifaceted challenges of cross-media.

Recognizing our deep experience in both linear and digital media, Decentrix’s clients uniquely position us as the trusted "Partner of Choice" for delivering their world-class, enterprise wide, cross-media solutions.

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