Mediabase MDH

Mediabase MDHTM is a comprehensive master data management solution for the media industry. It uniquely enables centralized management of master records through automated workflows.


An Overview:

As media enterprises combine information from multiple systems, data conflicts between those systems prevent detailed reporting and analysis.

Normal data entry errors and local operational requirements further complicate these conflicts resulting in system inconsistencies.

Until now, organizations have focused on enforcing data entry standards. Strict data entry policies slow down business. They delay new data entry. They create operational problems. They delay reconciliation.

The magnitude of effort necessary to achieve such policies is overwhelming and impractical.

Mediabase MDHTM was specifically designed to address these core issues for media enterprises.

A New Approach

When standardization fails, the typical solution is to have IT fix these data entry shortcomings. This invariably occurs only when inconsistencies are discovered.

The only viable solution is to integrate a central database containing industry specific master values and map these to your business codes.

Mediabase MDH’s central database fully addresses the acquisition, creation, and maintenance of such master records, automatically integrating them into your business workflow.

Mediabase MDH applies a set of powerful automation tools that streamline and automate the entire mapping process eliminating complexity and manual effort.

These tools continually search for and locate duplicate records, import new entries, identify unmapped values, and map records as needed.

This frees up IT staff from mundane, yet urgent data maintenance tasks.


Mediabase MDH has been created to address the challenges of master data management in complex, multi-source organizations.

It fully supports multiple source systems with a sophisticated design that maintains a unique set of master records in a secure data-repository.

Because it can be readily integrated with your operational workflows, Mediabase MDH delivers accurate and consistent data to your entire enterprise.

Mediabase MDH was built upon the principle that each source system needs to manage its business environment locally, each having its own business rules and requirements, each generating the data to support centralized corporate reporting and analysis.

By mapping and aligning source system data automatically, analysts are empowered to move more quickly and effectively.

Mediabase MDH has the flexibility to change reporting relationships dynamically without disrupting the entire corporation.

Mediabase MDHTM enables users to streamline and automate their business processes as they eliminate corporate data complexity issues.

The rich capabilities of Mediabase MDH include:

Rich master record structures:

Eliminate the need for manual database changes

Form a central repository for all master records

Support the creation of additional source systems

Facilitate the entry of new mapping dimensions

A powerful user interface:

Create new corporate values and mapping hierarchies

Identify new and unmapped records

Locate any existing mapping groups and update, or make changes as required

A flexible auto-mapping tool:

Recognizes and re-maps duplicate entries

Automatically proposes new corporate values

Locates and maps similar records

Allows business users to administer mapping rules


As part of a consistent enterprise-wide data management solution portfolio, Mediabase MDH, ensures that your business can quickly adapt to the constantly changing requirements of a modern media organization.

Mediabase MDHTM, is an integral product of the BIAnalytix™ portfolio of Media BI solutions.

It empowers your business analysts to generate powerful and sophisticated insights for your business.

Mediabase MDH combined with Decentrix technology and consulting services on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid platform, will re-write the rules of how your business competes.

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