CloudMBI Sentinel

Cloud implementations can be enormously effective, but without economic oversight, they can drain infrastructure budgets. CloudMBI Sentinel TM manages business processes while controlling costs to maximize the benefits of your cloud environment.


An Overview:

Many organizations are moving to the cloud to take advantage of the promised scalable architecture, predictable operating costs, and rapid deployment capabilities.

While generally the IT objectives are readily achievable, the economics of cloud management is a new discipline that requires careful consideration.

Without intelligent resource management, cloud platforms can quickly devolve into expensive 24/7 hosted facilities with underutilized resources that result in operational costs equal to or greater than a traditional on premise data-center.

A Different Approach

CloudMBI SentinelTM is an intelligent cloud environment management tool that minimizes infrastructure costs by tracking business processes and their associated resource allocations.

It does this by automating the scheduling and sequencing of business processes. Sentinel synchronizes the available resources to these business processes, ensuring that only the required infrastructure is being used as specified.

Note that applications, processing loads, data volumes and process durations change over time.

Sentinel calculates infrastructure cost details of changing usage patterns. All cost data is logged and automatically analyzed providing an operation cost profile, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention in optimizing resources

This cost data can also be used to optimize the cloud architecture to determine whether scaling horizontally (more resources) or scaling vertically (larger resource elements) best facilitates your economic operating model.

Additionally, Sentinel generates alerts to appropriate personnel in the event of warnings, failures or alarm conditions resulting from business processes, cloud resource activities and infrastructure events


Sentinel maps the intricacies of cloud infrastructure management to business workflows that are easily understood by IT and business users alike.

Sentinel runs in the cloud, or in your data-center behind a corporate firewall.

Configuration of Sentinel, is as simple as associating business processes with cloud resources and linking operational activities through a simple interface.

As a result, from a user’s perspective, business processes drive resource initiation, uptime and deactivation. This drives optimum cloud economic benefits without human involvement.

Although normally configured operations are handled automatically, user override functionality is fully supported. Development environment management, software maintenance, ad-hoc analysis runs, and disaster recovery are easily managed with a simple push of a button.

CloudMBI SentinelTM allows you to take full advantage of all cloud benefits while controlling costs. Automatically.


CloudMBI SentinelTM is a keystone product of the BIAnalytix™ portfolio of Media BI solutions that supports cloud and hybrid deployments.

Sentinel enables customers to increase their savings on cloud infrastructure costs. In fact, ROI accelerates, as installations get larger.

It specifically enables the true economic benefits of the cloud to be realized – pay only for what you use. Sentinel empowers your IT organization to efficiently support cloud-enabled business applications with minimal manual overhead and budget impact.

Please contact your Decentrix sales representative to calculate your anticipated CloudMBI Sentinel™ savings based upon your business configuration.

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