Decentrix Provides a Sentinel for the Cloud Economy

April 18, 2016 - LAS VEGAS, NV

Decentrix Provides a Sentinel for the Cloud Economy

Decentrix announces CloudMBI Sentinel™ the only commercially available tool for business process management that enables businesses to realize the economics of the cloud.

Many organizations are moving to the cloud to take advantage of the promised scalable architecture, predictable operating costs, and rapid deployment capabilities. While generally the IT objectives are readily achievable, the economics of cloud management is a new discipline that requires careful consideration.

Without intelligent resource management, cloud platforms can quickly devolve into expensive 24/7 hosted facilities with underutilized resources that result in operational costs equal to or greater than a traditional on premise data-center.

CloudMBI Sentinel™ is an intelligent cloud environment management tool that minimizes infrastructure costs by tracking business processes and their associated resource allocations. It synchronizes the available resources to these business processes, ensuring that only the required infrastructure is being used as specified. It is cloud platform agnostic, supporting both Azure and AWS out of the box, enables cost tracking and reporting and provides intelligent system alerts.

“Sentinel enables customers to increase their savings on cloud infrastructure costs”, emphasized Wayne Ruting, CEO of Decentrix. “In fact, ROI accelerates as installations get larger and more complex.” He added, “It specifically enables the true economic benefits of the cloud to be realized – pay only for what you use.”

Sentinel empowers your IT organization to efficiently support cloud-enabled business applications with minimal manual overhead and budget impact.

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