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April 6, 2013 - DENVER

Decentrix expands CloudMBI™ Media Business Intelligence using Windows Azure to support Mobile Platforms

Decentrix BIAnalytix™ delivers powerful Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) analysis specifically designed for TV and Radio station groups, Cable Networks, Cable MSOs , IPTV, Digital Media, and Ad Agencies; implemented on SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Decentrix Inc. today announced their new MobileMBI™ support from CloudMBI™ Media Business Intelligence solution using Windows Azure. CloudMBI™ has all the intrinsic features of the Decentrix BIAnalytix™ media business intelligence platform. However, unlike the BIAnalytix solution, which is installed and scaled on an internally managed platform, CloudMBI™ is an alternative approach that eliminates the need for internal infrastructure and that scales the Business Intelligence solution as needed, using Windows Azure.

CloudMBI™ can ingest the granular data from a media company's internal transactional systems including sales proposal, traffic, audience research, IPTV, video-on-demand (VOD), web, subscriber and financial systems. Within Windows Azure it transforms and loads the data into a media specific star schema, updates the media OLAP cubes and distributes analysis through a SharePoint portal, through an existing corporate portal or now through the new mobile Windows 8 tablet and smartphone platform of MobileMBI™. CloudMBI™ allows rapid deployment of enterprise business intelligence initiatives and scalability without the need to budget for substantial internal capital and operational resources before initiating a new analysis project.

CloudMBI™ with the new mobile support, allows Media corporations to expand their delivery options to any Windows 8 device, including Surface RT or Surface Pro, seamlessly from the cloud. With rich intuitive dashboards, existing transactional systems or existing data warehouses can have analysis quickly deployed to mobile devices through this new service.

"CloudMBI™ with the new enhanced features presents an expanded mobility opportunity for Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Advertising companies to rapidly deploy mobile analytics initiatives and do so rapidly at low risk and with unlimited scalability," commented, Wayne Ruting, CEO Decentrix, Inc. "It eliminates the need to make large financial decisions on computer hardware, software licenses, and expensive support staff and most critically it does not need to displace existing in-house solutions."

"Windows Azure provides a scalable, cost-effective, and flexible cloud environment for the customers of CloudMBI™ from Decentrix," said Taras Bugir, managing director, Worldwide Media & Cable Industry Solutions, Microsoft Corp. "The enhanced features of CloudMBI™ that support mobile deployment to Windows 8 devices give media executives a new choice for business intelligence deployment and aim to reduce risk and cost while providing the benefits of the cloud with Windows Azure."

About Decentrix Inc.

Decentrix is a technology and consulting company specializing in Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) and Media Data Warehouse Solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media transactional systems, Decentrix offers a fast-track, fully working enterprise solution for Media Business Intelligence using SQL Server 2012 architecture. The BIAnalytix™ Solution was purpose built to help large media corporations solve the challenge of rapidly and accurately accessing the large amount of data locked up in their "transactional" systems, by ingesting the critical granular data into a single enterprise-wide media data warehouse and providing fast, intuitive reporting from a "single version of the truth."

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