Decentrix and OpenTV Announce Collaboration

April 12, 2010 - DENVER

Decentrix and OpenTV Announce Collaboration Addressing Cable MSO's Business Intelligence Analysis Needs OpenTV and Decentrix partner to implement Business Intelligence Solution for OpenTV EclipsePlus™ Client Base

OpenTV Corp., a leading software and technology provider of advanced digital television and advanced advertising solutions, and Decentrix, Inc. a technology and consulting company specializing in Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) announced today today that OpenTV's campaign management solution, OpenTV EclipsePlus™, is now enhanced with a powerful Business Intelligence component powered by Decentrix. Enabling a new class of reporting for OpenTV EclipsePlus, the OpenTV EclipsePlus Business Intelligence solution allows near-instant access to snapshots of an operator's advertising business on any given day, enabling automated pacing, change, and churn reporting across time periods. It also enables users to analyze advertising revenue, operations, and inventory effectiveness across sales entities, product categories, regions, and networks at multiple granularities. OpenTV's EclipsePlus Business Intelligence solution powered by Decentrix is available to all OpenTV EclipsePlus customers.

"We are pleased to provide the analytic backbone for OpenTV EclipsePlus. This solution is based on the Decentrix BIAnalytix™ Media Business Intelligence technology which uses the Microsoft Business Intelligence tool suite. This media-specific data analysis solution is based upon decades of experience in the complex workflow of media corporations. The BI solution provides rich and rapid analysis capabilities within an MSO environment. Critical reporting is provided in a matter of seconds to management dashboards across a site-wide portal," said Wayne Ruting, CEO and President of Decentrix, Inc.

"This new business analytics and reporting component futher demonstrates our committement to providing "best-of-breed" solutions to our EclipsePlus clients," said Paul Woidke, OpenTV's SVP and General Manager, Advanced Advertising. "The Decentrix Business Intelligence layer provides powerful analytics with the ability to easily drill, filter and view transactional MSO data to provide valuable information and insights that will give our EclipsePlus clients a competitive advantage. We're delighted to work with Decentrix in providing this solution to our clients as a natural extension to the feature-rich capabilities of EclipsePlus."

"This solution is further proof of the strength of partner solutions built on Microsoft technology," said Gabriele Di Piazza, managing director for the Media & Entertainment business in the Communications Sector at Microsoft Corp. "We're thrilled to have the opportunity to enable partners such as Decentrix to provide solutions for media and entertainment companies that span the entire media value chain."

OpenTV EclipsePlus is an end-to-end campaign management solution designed to support cable, satellite and telco advertising sales teams grow their revenues and meet the challenges of the ever-changing television advertising marketplace by maximizing yield on their advertising inventories while minimizing their operating costs.

The Decentrix BIAnalytix is a powerful Media Business Intelligence (MBI) and Media Data Warehouse Solution tailored specifically for the analytic needs of Media, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. The BIAnalytix Media Business Intelligence solution provides the indispensible source for data analytics for the well informed media professional and targets media enterprises that aspire to grow using analytics and the power of measurements.

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Decentrix is a technology and consulting company specializing in Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) and Media Data Warehouse Solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media transactional systems, Decentrix offers a fast track, fully working solution for Media BI built using Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The BIAnalytix™ Solution was purpose built to help media companies solve the challenge of readily accessing the large amount of data locked up in their "transactional" systems, in a fast, meaningful and strategic way, by consolidating that data into a single corporate media data warehouse.

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