Mapping Massive Amounts of Historical Data

April 12, 2010 - DENVER

Decentrix announces new BIAnalytix™ tools addressing the mapping of massive amounts of historical data to Master Data Records. BIAnalytix™ delivers powerful Media Business Intelligence analysis specifically designed for TV and Radio station groups, Broadcasting, Cable Networks, and Cable MSOs, implemented on Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Decentrix Inc. today announced their new Master Data Management tool called BIAnalytix™ MDM Mapper, which targets mapping large amounts of historical data within a warehouse to master data lists. For corporations with large amounts of historical data that has been collected in a data warehouse, the BIAnalytix™ MDM-Mapper software is truly a major breakthrough to transform this asset so that meaningful reporting and analysis can take place.

"Media Companies, Telecommunication companies and Advertising Agencies today are overwhelmed by the challenge of the large amount of data they collect about their business on a daily basis and their inability to readily access that data in a meaningful and strategic way." said Wayne Ruting, CEO and President of Decentrix, In order to access these strategic insights that lie buried in the data, it is necessary to transform the granular historical database to conform to master data naming conventions. This is precisely what Mapper does. What historically may have taken years to accomplish, can now be accomplished very rapidly with the BIAnalytix™ Mapper tool."

"We use the Decentrix Mapper Tool here at Comcast and it has solved, in just a few short weeks, a very challenging problem that we have wrestled with for many years." Said Bob Rittler, VP of Information Systems and Technology. "The amount of data elements we deal with are massive and Mapper deals with this elegantly and easily."

"Decentrix is a great example of how partners are utilizing Microsoft technologies to power solutions that solve real business needs for their customers," said Gabriele Di Piazza, managing director for the Media & Entertainment business in the Communications Sector at Microsoft Corp." "Solutions such as BIAnalytix MDM Mapper provide media and entertainment companies with the level of insight necessary to compete in today's market."

About Decentrix Inc.

Decentrix is a technology and consulting company specializing in Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) and Media Data Warehouse Solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media transactional systems, Decentrix offers a fast track, fully working solution for Media BI built using Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The BIAnalytix™ Solution was purpose built to help media companies solve the challenge of readily accessing the large amount of data locked up in their "transactional" systems, in a fast, meaningful and strategic way, by consolidating that data into a single corporate media data warehouse.

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