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April 20 2009 - DENVER

Decentrix announces the addition of a Website Ad Revenue Module to their series of BIAnalytix™ Media Business Intelligence Modules

Decentrix Inc. today announced the addition of their Website Ad Revenue Module to their set of BIAnalytix™ Business Intelligence Modules. This new Module analyzes the revenue associated with website banner ads by loading the campaign details, the insertion statistics, and the website visitor information.

As traditional linear ad revenue declines, website ad revenue is on the increase. Media groups are repurposing video content on their web sites and monetizing the visitor traffic. As media groups streamline their processes, the sales for both linear and web ads are often managed by one unified sales force, thus it is critical to coordinate ad campaigns between the linear and the web ads using robust reporting and forecasting tools that help maximize this growing revenue opportunity.

  1. There are two (2) major types of Business Intelligence analysis benefits from integrating this web related additional revenue source into the same data warehouse as existing TV, Radio, and Print ad revenue: Business Intelligence Analysis over the growth and trends of website revenue, which includes:

    a. Client sales management with historical booking level comparisons
    b. Forecast impression capacity to plan growth
    c. Business exception detection
    d. Drill and filter to discover causal sources of business exceptions

  2. Integrated Analysis combining linear broadcast revenue with the web revenue for total agency/advertiser/product management, which:

    a. Supports overall agency campaign selling and promotion over the TV, Radio, Print, and web components of the campaign
    b. Encourages cross promotion from traditional campaigns to include web revenue growth
    c. Supports overall discount management for total campaign volumes
    d. Supports cross promotion management even with shared video copy analysis
    e. Allows the video copy click thru effectiveness measured on the web to be applied to the TV planning

As the expectations of the value of a Media corporation's Web revenue increases, analytics over this revenue stream becomes critical given the immature existing analysis technologies and the strategic importance of this new segment.

There is significant value in the BIAnalytix™ ability to facilitate managing the total agency campaign relationship and opportunities within one consolidated, single service, campaign management team and BI tool.

"Decentrix demonstrates the power of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for media business intelligence applications in this new BIAnalytix™ Module," said Gabriele Di Piazza, Managing Director of the Media and Entertainment Business for the Communications Sector at Microsoft Corp. "Decentrix offers a powerful tailored solution that meets the unique needs of media corporations challenged by the complex analytics of new media web revenue and traditional linear advertising revenue."

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Decentrix is a technology and consulting company specializing in Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) and Media Data Warehouse Solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media transactional systems, Decentrix offers a fast track, fully working solution for Media BI built using Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The BIAnalytix™ Solution was purpose built to help media companies solve the challenge of readily accessing the large amount of data locked up in their "transactional" systems, in a fast, meaningful and strategic way, by consolidating that data into a single corporate media data warehouse.

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