Decentrix Empowers Satellite Retailers With Sophisticated Website Solutions

Patented technology increases revenue for DISH Network retailers

August 18, 2003 - DENVER, CO

Decentrix Inc. today announced that it is providing to satellite retailers complete Website solutions that include automatic, ongoing insertion of relevant content and promotions, supporting the retailers’ business and product promotions and ultimately increasing their revenue. With this unique solution, satellite retailers can go live in a matter of minutes with an e-commerce Website that includes up-to-date satellite related promotions, as well as customized information about their specific retail businesses.

As an example, a new DISH Network retailer can have a fully customized, yet affordable Website available on the Internet in under an hour. Also included is a secure suite of Web-based back-office business tools that allow retailers to view the orders they have received from their Websites and to manage and maintain their Websites 24/7.

Within each DISH Network retailer Website, Decentrix manages DISH promotional information, product information, current pricing, and more. When this information changes, it is automatically updated for the retailer providing a worry-free, always-current Website. As information changes, it is pushed out to all participating retailer Websites at one time, without any intervention or work on the part of the retailer. This ensures that only the current, authorized promotions are seen by prospects on each of the DISH retailer Websites. The advantage to the retailer is a professional, virtually maintenance free site at which customers can place orders from anywhere and prospects and customers can find useful and current satellite product and programming information.

“The Decentrix system is unique in that it allows content to be pushed out to a very large number of Websites while still allowing customization by the owner of each site,” said Wayne Ruting, CEO for Decentrix. “It’s the perfect solution for product distributors who want to have control over their branding and the content displayed on the Internet by retail organizations that represent them. For the retailers it provides up-to-date information on the products they sell, automatically and effortlessly, and at the same time, allows them to create their own unique identity on the Web.”

“We live in a world where people are becoming progressively more accustomed to making critical personal and business decisions online,” said Wayne Ruting, CEO for Decentrix Inc. “So too should it be for the critical steps that a student needs to take to plan and prepare for a college education. Until now, online systems that offered collaborative and personalized technology typically have been inflexible and cost-prohibitive for most businesses, let alone individuals looking to shift toward an interactive learning environment. The patented Decentrix technology offers a powerful and cost effective end-to-end solution to College Partnership with the potential to increase both its breadth of product offerings and bottom line significantly.”

Other benefits include Website editing that does not require special technical skills, the ability for retailers to sell nationwide, and the ability to build a complete online store – including credit card processing and carrying and selling non-satellite related products. Decentrix also provides a secure suite of business tools to manage the retailer’s business effectively and collaborate with employees. Tools include email, shared calendars, contact lists, file storage, and more.

“Decentrix has given us an exceptional Website that requires very little effort on our part to maintain,” said Wade Sleater, CEO of Atlas Ventures, located in Provo, Utah. “The automatic update of DISH content is fantastic, plus they are a great company to work with.”

The Decentrix Web-based solutions can be adapted by any business to manage and distribute content from a central point to a large number of Websites. For instance, a corporation that sells through hundreds of dealers or independent representatives can control and disseminate company content to the Websites of its dealers, brokers, or representatives, thus being assured of the accuracy and consistency of corporate messages and branding. The same solution can be used equally effectively by a parent company and its franchises. Representing a $28 million investment, the patented technology enables a business to build a low cost collaborative Web environment quickly without the need for expensive consultants, expensive computer equipment, or expensive training.

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