If you believe data is an asset, then treat it as you would a valuable. 

Imagine your valuables have been stolen. The perpetrators have locked them away in an unknown place. Fortunately, you get to see them regularly, but only via a webcam. You pay a regular ransom to keep them safe, in the hope that one day you may see them again. 

We know that’s not right… 

Yet, why are we comfortable allowing workflow vendors to do that with our data? It’s almost as if we’re comfortable paying them for the software prisons that constrain the value of our data. We could extend that analogy ad-nauseum, but you get the point. 

A recent report from Unified Research titled “The Data Ownership Dilemma” explores the challenges companies face regarding access to their own data – particularly when customers switch agencies. Although the context is social media, the concepts are perfectly applicable to all client-vendor-data relationships. The report makes the point that most clients don’t know the length of time needed to access data after they switch, and 86% are not fully confident in their ability to access historical data. 

Decentrix is extreme in its focus on these types of issues. The core tenet of our business is that the client owns the data – period. We work with that data to provide results for the client’s business.  We help them use their data to:  

  • Maximize inventory value across all properties 
  • Enhance audience values with pinpoint targeting 
  • Optimize campaigns across all platforms 

We respect that their data is a core asset of their business, it has immense value and must be treated with care and respect. We see our role as providers of technology for Maximizing cross-media revenues with machine intelligence – with the curated use of our client’s data. 


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