The program retransmission (retrans) fees collected by broadcast stations from MVPDs are dependent on stations’ negotiations with their MVPDs, and strong negotiations require access to information that can be leveraged to secure higher payments. A retrans solution delivers all of this information, plus powerful analytics, while simplifying overall management of both retrans fees and network program fees.

No. 1: Know What Kind of Audience the MVPDs Delivered
Accurately project audiences so that you understand subscriber numbers for any given MVPD and can negotiate accordingly with both the MVPDs and the network.

No. 2: Forecast Revenue for Planning and Budgets
Get accurate revenue forecasts so that you can see how much money you will make and how much money you’ll need to pay the networks.

No. 3: Get the Best Rate You Can Get
Make and save money. The ready availability of all data associated with negotiation of retransmission fees and network program fees allows you to run “what if” scenarios based on accurate historical information. You’ll better understand how negotiations will affect what you’re paid and what you have to pay out.

No. 4: Know Your History … and See Your Future
Centralize, consolidate, and review data associated with retransmission fees and payments to the networks — as laid out in your contracts with both the MVPDs and the network — so that you can see rates, find out what has been paid and will be paid and by whom, and determine whom to negotiate with next.

No. 5: Let Us Do the Work
Completely automate the tedious, time-consuming and time-sensitive process of calculating and paying reverse retransmission fees to the network.


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