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Calculating Costs & Benefits of Media Analytics in the Cloud

Key benefits and a model for evaluating true costs in deploying Media Analytics in the cloud.

The Media Technologist's Dilemma

A new approach to multi-platform yield optimization leveraging existing workflow systems.

Program ReTransmission Fees

A critical part of every broadcast station’s revenue stream, and the fees are increasing at a rapid rate.

BIAnalytix SMART™ Notifications

Decentrix SMART™ Notifications empower the media sales force to operate optimally by continuously monitoring sales operations and delivering curated, timely, and actionable intelligence.

In Search of Content Profitability

A new approach to generating multi-platform profits from content

Media Analytics in the Cloud

A road map for media corporations seeking to deploy comprehensive, enterprise-wide Media Analytics solutions.

Media Analytics - BIAnalytix

Ten key benefits plus six useful Key Performance Indicators to enhance media revenues.

Programmatic Buying

A Platform for moving to Impression-Based Selling.

Using Digital Delivery Viewing Metrics to Enhance Linear Content Value

Metrics from detailed digital delivery viewer insertion logs, and how they can be used to enhance linear delivery revenues of that same content.

Why the Microsoft Stack?

Decentrix chose Microsoft technology to implement BIAnalytix™ – the most advanced media industry Analytics Solution.

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